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Providing advisers with centralised support through the use of technical helplines, online reference materials and specialists who can advise them on complex advice issues can improve productivity, reduce errors of suitability and process and generally streamline your operating model. However, providing advisers with incorrect information or using support specialists who are not up to date can ‘hardwire’ problems across your salesforce as well as frustrate your advisers and managers.

Enterprise Learning can review your current approaches to support including reviewing and updating reference guides or training your technical support specialists. We can advise on how to provide guidance that is practical and helpful for advisers as well as create content for you or provide you with some of our generic advice guidance covering commonly encountered scenarios.If necessary we can also provide flexible resource to help you staff your hotlines in times of particular pressure such as holiday periods, end of tax-year or product launches.



  • Helplines provide a one-stop point of reference both by email and by telephone.
  • Helplines are adequately resourced with qualified technicians, who ensure they are up to date at all times.
  • Reference material is comprehensive, user friendly and easy to navigate in order to find the information required.
  • Reference material is reviewed regularly to ensure it remains up to date and accurate.

Negative Indicators

  • Little reference material available to advisers.
  • Helplines are inadequately resourced, either in terms of number of people available to answer adviser queries leading to delays in responding and/or in terms of the level of knowledge and expertise of staff, potentially leading to inaccurate or incomplete answers.
  • Reference material is unwieldy and difficult to navigate.
  • Reference material is not sufficiently comprehensive and does not address areas that advisers require most help with.