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Clearly documented Suitable Advice Standards provide the firm with a one-step reference point in terms of all advice related matters.

Enterprise Learning can provide you with a core of Suitable Advice Standards and guidance for advisers which you can tailor and use to help your advisers understand how to deal with commonly encountered client scenarios. Our content can be customised to provide the core of your standard, tailored and developed to reflect your services and products as well as your internal policies and procedures. We can help you develop an easily searchable and updateable reference toolkit which be used by your advisers, managers, compliance staff, sales quality assurance checkers and trainers.

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  • Advice standards are clear and describe when actions must be taken, and specific guidance on how to apply the standards
  • Advice Standards & detailed Guidance are concise, language is easy to understand and format is user-friendly.
  • Advice Standards are easily accessible to advisers/ managers and Quality Checkers etc, are arranged in an intuitive, understandable order and are searchable.
  • Changes to Advice Standards are implemented and communicated in an appropriate way, proportionate to the importance and impact of the change, maximising understanding and maintaining levels of quality outcomes.

Negative Indicators

  • Advice Standards written as inflexible ‘rules’ and do not allow for different client outcomes dependent on client circumstances and objectives.
  • Advice Standards that have been allowed to become excessively large by seeking to provide an answer to every circumstance or complaint.
  • Advice Standards that are not easy to find, navigate, or search.
  • Changes are communicated in uncoordinated and confusing ways.